Boeing 787 N787BX departing Dublin on 27th January 2012 (Short Edit).

Great rate of climb out!


  1. That's not a passenger flight, I take it? That seems like an excessive pitch angle for passengers…I can see how that might make some people uncomfortable. Also, amazing how quiet it is. I didn't think much of the 787 while it was in development; seemed to modern, too many gizmos. But now that it's in revenue service, I find myself a lot more favorable towards it. Of course, it might have helped listening to all the ignorant fools freaking out about the battery issues and acting as if it was the end of the world and that the plane is a deathtrap. Seeing people act like idiots like that makes me feel more supportive towards whatever object or idea they happen to be burning at the stake that week. Either way, it's a great plane. Boeing was brave to push the envelope this hard, and I hope it works out well for them.

  2. Just had an 8 hour flight in one, and it was a joy! (as was the A380) ….them engines are huge!, and accelerate hard!! the mood setting lights are really cool 

  3. A real success story…..Big British Engines. The rest of the design will have been designed by Europeans too, good. Assembled in America, bad. Cheap backhanders for the 787….A350 being the far superior aircraft, but the world will make do with subsidised inferior plane. Bad.

  4. Nice vid check out my videos on dublin airport I just took for fun but I'm starting to like it now as I live beside the airport all my life so takes me 10mind to drive there and take vids

  5. alright i dont get how retards like you comment mean shit on vidoes like this guess you dont listen to yo mama next thing you know youll be a hobo living on the street asking for money

  6. im sorry,it my not hold as many people as a 747 or a 757 or even a 737 but people like new stuff,im sure other people would love to fly in one of those,i know i would.

  7. WOW 787 plane is fantastic all done well perfect and let hope one day that Aer Lingus will buy new 787 plane one day in Future but never know it will come will happen… I believe myself,,,,aer lingus will get two 787 plane, ////

  8. Watching the engine pull up as power was applied was amazing (about 1:39). That's a LOT of power. She climbed out like a homesick angel. Sweet.

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