1. inferior morons….low character low education…low quality… filthy scum union parasites… overpaid and underworked…

  2. can't wait to see what's up Boeing's sleeves for the 797. now that they have worked out the kinks, time to start planning the next great plane!

  3. These watered down "journalistic" reports that rely on the people selling the product to state how perfect and safe it is. Can any media outlets do their job properly anymore and actually investigate something instead of just quoting press releases?

  4. I flew on one across the Pacific from LA to Shanghai. Motors are HUUUUGE. Gorgeous thing that did the job, it is. Thanks Boeingggg, Paul in Thailand

  5. still has seats built for anorexic toddlers. private jets have seats for adults, why not a plane 224 feet long and 18 feet wide?

  6. Well, I think this video is old because the best airpline now is the Airbus 350, I don't hate Boeing or something like that but yeah, the Boeing 787 no more being the best airliner

  7. Why did Boeing decide to outsource to the extent that they did surly it could not of been cheaper , no body in the world is going to tell me that manufacturing anything and bringing in components from all over the world is a better way to do things , along with global warming bullshit and open international trade they would have to be the most stupid ideologies  to come about since Communism and just as disrupting , from what I have read the customers buying the new 777x are demanding that it be built in hose from all local components after this insanity , why does Boeing hand its profits to other countries .

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