JustPlanes is In the Cockpit of the TUI Netherlands Boeing 787 for a fantastic flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to fabulous St Maarten and Curaçao. Full 4hr film at


  1. I've watched this more than twice and still continue to watch it, can you make another one justplanes, please!

  2. Once again you have uploaded an amazing video. thank you for doing these videos. Do you have any footage of qantaslink q400s? preferably when they ferry fly them down to Australia?

  3. Ah, I miss the place already…gotta go back lol. and omg when I was there, we were on the road towards the (takeoff) end of the runway opposite the beach(landing) end and we saw a plane almost NOT take off in time…like it got really close to a sailboat mast in front of the runway in that little inlet/lake/bay whatever area lol

  4. Looks like another great look at the 787. Now how about making one for the A350? That plane does seem to be missing from your list so far…

  5. Very nice video, crew and airplane! Just one question, in the clip you see the first officer doing the takeoff, but the captain doing the landing, does the captain always fly the landing?

  6. It seems amazing, but does the video cover how to start up the aircraft? like as soon as the crew enter the cockpit, and after the flight leave the cockpit?

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