Flight VN-054 operated by Vietnam Airlines in the Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner VN-A861, the same plane that starred the “almost vertical takeoff” video at Paris Airshow 2015.
This flight was made on September 15th, 2015, from London Heathrow to Hanoi Noi Bai in Vietnam.


  1. Not going to pillory you for not showing the in-flight service/ meals/ cabin. It's good to see the wings and the views. And a video like many here, showing nothing but close-ups of in-flight meals, would be both boring and unhelpful. BUT, as someone who's flying on a VA 787 soon, it would ALSO be good to see what the interiors look like. Is it not possible for an inflight vid to do BOTH?………

  2. I love Boeing commercial airplanes models 747- 300 & 400 and the triple 777 and the cargo planes that make for the US army too, like the B52 and the C5, but I do not like the Boeing 787 the airplane profile from windshield to the tip of it nose looks ugly (cockpit) and also I hate the A380 Airbus A380 looks ugly fat from head to tail and from every angles and more A380 does not looked safe to me it looks fragile. I love the Boeing 747-300 or 400 it looks safe gorgeous and beautiful, from every angles, it looks strong and muscular. I like everything else about 787, again except the profile from windshield to the tip of the nose, its face looks awfully ugly. It looks like the Airbus A380 profile?

    My suggestion is the Boeing and all American commercial airplanes must install cameras to monitors the engines, the tails, the wings and the landing gears that way pilots can see during takeoff, during fly and when landing this way the pilots know what is going on outside the airplane body if there is a problem(s) therefore, the FAA should mandate it. Thank you 94W65-86O48HN

  3. there was very little footage of cabin and service. wasted attempt. strongly dislike this video. please do better next time.

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