A short clip of the business class seat on ANA’s 787 Dreamliner including the dimming window in action. The window uses electrified gel to change the tint of the window instead of a conventional window shade.


  1. Flew on the 787 for 10 hours. I don't like the fact that the flight attendants can dim your windows for you though – I could only go the third setting and darker. They also take ages to dim. Don't like these windows.

  2. These windows SUCK ASS!!

    They don't entirely block sunlight. I had to wear a freaking hat in the plane! Also, unlike a proper blind, they don't offer any protection from heat, so you fry. Nice try Boeing, but bring back the good old fashioned blinds (or have both).

  3. That is so super cool, the Boeing 787 aircraft with dimming Windows. Now, with this amazing new airplane, I can continue to look out the window without having to close the window shades.

  4. I actually like the new feature, since you can still see out, and even though some light gets in, you usually aren't always facing the sun. Now we have to see what the 797 will offer.

  5. I hate this 'improvement'. It only shades partially so when you're facing the sun it still lets a lot of light through and if you look at it it blinds you. Great for sleeping, yay progress.

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