Raw footage of Boeing 787’s touchdown at Boston’s Logan Airport March 4, 2012. Capt. Tom Griffin, left, and Capt. Randy Neville, right. It wasn’t really a rough landing. It’s just hard to hold the iPhone steady. Scott Deveau/National Post


  1. If this camera was mounted it's one thing. If someone was holding the camera they should think about not quoting their day job.

  2. You try holding a camera steady without a tripod  when landing @ 200 feet per minute, and 1.5 g of pressure and then the rapid decrease of speed. 

  3. I've been flying the 787 for about 6 mos now. This is not a hard landing. It's a slightly firm landing on a relatively short runway (for a widebody given the early turnoff ATC prefers). The nose gear tends to land hard in the 787 but can be held off. In this case the flying pilot did not attempt to hold off the nose gear for a softer touchdown but it's definitely not a hard landing.

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  6. It's the HUD (heads up display), it displays important things such as airspeed, altitude, attitude, etc… on the glass right in front of his eyes; that way (s)he doesn't have to look away to know what's going on.

  7. btw, its a good thing US planes dont call the pilots retards on short final,…..thats how they try to catch up with the competitor….lol

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