All Nippon Airways’ first Boeing 787 Dreamliner took aboard its first paying passengers on Wednesday, after years of delays.

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  1. All aircraft wings bend a lot under the right circumstances, these aren't much different from others, most of the curved shape is by design. How they work is careful design. The moving panels are relatively short, so what looks like one long moving surface is a number of shorter ones. The structure has the flexibility and joints to allow the necessary movement so they don't bind.

  2. This may sound like a simpleton question, but I need someone who understands aerodynamics to explain what benefit, if any, does a springy, flexible wing provide? I have never seen wings that bend up so much.

  3. after all the delays and the additional money dumps boeing has finally delivered… hope they can get their production timelines straight next time… on the upside, beautiful plane… from its state of the art cockpit to flawless-aerodynamic structure… two thumbs up on the elaborate wings design

  4. @themarsbar1 haha its probably driving by itself, there waving it goodbye as it begins its adventury in the world lol 😛

  5. @guyNbluejeans it's just a greeting of sorts that many airports do when a flight takes off or lands for the first time. and by the way, they aren't shooting at the aircraft, they create an arc of water from both sides under which the aircraft passes.

  6. @themarsbar1 You fool, those are the Dreamliner flight backup teams, #2 through #17. Don't you read the Boeing brochures? Once the plane is airborne they go back inside the terminal to wait with backup teams #18 through #32. At Boeing, it's all about redundancy these days.

  7. @guyNbluejeans In case it catches fire right before it rolls under the water sprayers. For the rest of the flight they just have to trust things go to plan or pray for rain the whole way.

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