To get the breakthrough innovations in Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing had to rethink the way it makes airplanes. Tom Cogan, director of Airplane Development, explains how the game-changing jetliner that is built in a revolutionary way. Learn more about the stories of the innovations that define Boeing at


  1. think again boeing just copied the idea of letting other countries to most of the part before sending it to the 787 factory on the dream-lifter which came for the idea of beluga

  2. You might be right, but you can't denied that the similarities are very close in and out of the plane. So his conclusions could be the result of such and burden falls on Airbus, not on boeing.

  3. @HaroldHoltCantSwim Now, the 787 is a huge technological leap in commercial aviation, don't you expect it to be easy. Airbus just has to copy everything done on the 787 for the A350.

  4. Amazing job as always, this plane is maybe be even more successfull than any other airplane in this standarts.

    How much ETOPS minutes he has?

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