Just a short video showing inside the Main, or Forward, Electronic Equipment Bay

Most of the noise in here is from the cooling system fans drawing air through the components.

The video starts off looking at the rudder/brake pedal linkages and just behind those, the control wheel and column linkages. Both the pedals and control wheel/column are cross connected, so when one pilot moves a control, the other pilot’s controls also move.
There are no mechanical connections to any of the control surfaces. Instead, the movement of the controls are fed into sensors called LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) and load transducers. An actuator connected to a spring can adjust the level of force needed to move the controls and this simulates the extra force needed to move a control surface when the aircraft speed increases in a conventional aircraft.
The sensors are directly connected to the ACEs (Actuator Control Electronics), The ACEs then communicate to the FCEs (Flight Control Electronics) which provide flight envelope protection, so the pilot shouldn’t be able to make the aircraft perform dangerous maneuvers. The modified signal is sent back the ACEs, and the ACEs then control the actual control surface movement via electronically controlled hydraulic actuators.

The heart of the IFE (In Flight Entertainment) system is also located in this equipment bay, and this accounts for some of the enormous amount of wiring. There is a mixture of communication wiring, to and from sensors, electrical power wiring, and fibre optic cables in the mass bundles you can see.

Hollywood would have you believe that this area, and often the landing gear bays, are accessible from the passenger cabin, but this is not the case. The only access is via the external fuselage door you see at the end.

Not something most passengers will have seen, so I hope it’s not too boring 😋



  1. I'm almost done with my apprenticeship as an AME (Avionics) and to be honest the view of that mess intimidates me a bit.. The process of troubleshoot, repair and documentation for a task is very complicated. I can't imagine myself being there under time pressure to locate a fault and repair it.. but soon my time will come

  2. i though cables would be "more organized" … of course, i don't want to say they are not perfectly done !! i just imagine bundled and managed in other way …….. ! pretty interesting ……

  3. Very interesting behind the scene tour of the Speedbird Dreamliner. Considering those long wires, I was wondering whether or not fly by wire-less could ever be a feasible feature? I heard rumours that Airbus wanted to implement it on their A350 back in 2013.
    I also observed on my two Dreamliner flights that the 400. hZ AC coil whine increases in frequency when the engines are throttled up. Why exactly does that happen? (You may refer to my latest video for demonstration.)
    Thanks a lot!

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