Boeing has released footage of its new 787 Dreamliner plane rehearsing the flying display it will perform at the 2015 Paris Air Show which starts on Monday – including a near-vertical take-off.

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  1. BBC are so out of touch. The pilot isn't attempting a loop the loop – it's not possible with the software. Just say vertical take off.

  2. Some idiots say v takeoff is not a big deal. You obviously know nothing about the laws of physics or mechanical engineering. Supplying fuel to the jet engines at this maneuver in itself is a technological breakthrough

  3. Why is there suddenly this thing that every airshow takeoff has to be called "near vertical"? They're not. Nowhere near. I've seen the in-cockpit video from the A350: it's 30 degrees noseup. No more than that. The dreamliner did maybe 40, if you really do the math it is evident even from the extremely spectacular rehearsal video published by Boeing themselves. The A380 probably did 30, too.

  4. Does it have the Boeing uninterruptible autopilot fitted? Field McConnell has the detail at Abel Danger. He suggests it is illegal and it makes every aircraft a remote controlled drone which can be hacked, crashed, weaponised and an early version, available on 9/11/01 could have steered those jets into the WTCs. So many recent air crashes have occurred that is has to be worth consideration before any passenger chooses to fly.

  5. There's nothing groundbreaking about vertical takeoff. The maneuver requires zero lift but full thrust to support the aircraft weight only. It fails to show the awesome capabilities of dreamliner's wing design. So why the hell is this a news?

  6. Do the same with the plane filled with cargo and passengers (or equivalent weight), and then I'm truly impressed.

  7. Looks like RR engines, lovely looking aircraft as many have said, but try doing that with it full of passengers, so weight a big factor too, but in saying that it is impressive all the same

  8. Cool. I wonder if Vietnam Airlines knows they were doing that with their new plane. At least it has been well tested before delivery.

  9. Да пиздец, пассажирчики после такого полёта пешком ходить будут.

  10. The reporter almost sounds disappointed he didn't do a full inside loop; this was still a crazy maneuver to pull off with an airliner of that size.

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