Boeing 787 pilot rest area


  1. Pretty hard life being a pilot today.

    In the 60's a trans-Atlantic flight crew consisted of a Captain, two First Officers, a Navigator, a Flight Engineer and a Radio Operator. Today the aircraft literally fly themselves and within five minutes of the seat belt signs being turned off, one of the two pilots on a trans-Atlantic flight will be out of the cockpit looking for the latest edition of 'Hello' magazine.

    Aircraft like the B787 can also land themselves automatically far better than most pilots. Really pilots should not be allowed to touch the controls, as aircraft today are so safe, it is the flight crew who are causing the crashes…..Air France A330 (co-pilot stalled aircraft into the ocean), Air Dubai at Rostov (Somatogravic illusion), Emirates B777 (failed go-around Dubai TOGA de-activated)

  2. A bet a lot of hot flight attendants service have spent time there with the pilots. …oh wait no more hot flight attendants :/

  3. I would pay so much money to fly in a plane that was nothing but rooms like this. I guess Emirates is pretty close, but it's still very open.

  4. It would be interesting to find out which airlines this is and find out the line number. My dad has been with the 787 program for over 12 years now and I attended the rollout back in '07. That first plane was essentially just a shell with plywood interior and wheels. The paint wasn't even dry and it still to this day isn't flight worthy 🙂 Fun 787 fact: the overall length of the aircraft can vary by as much as 5-10" from plane to plane due to Japanese supplied components not being consistent and custom parts at Everett needing to be fabricated.

  5. My Dad flies CX 777s and said they're much worse than the 747-400s for crew rest, they have a prison door style system for meal trays so the cockpit door never opens. 10 years ago he would just go and sleep in a spare first class seat with a hoodie on over his shirt.

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