Boeing 787 will roll out with two next generation Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines.The Trent 1000 is on track for certification and has started its last required test. It has successfully completed the fan blade containment and all bird ingestion tests. Development testing has validated the full range of thrust capability required by the 787 family. Other testing has involved high temperature running and cyclic endurance equivalent to thousands of normal in-service hours. Key certification requirements met are the 150-hour engine type test and the FAA 1,000 cycle initial maintenance interval test.


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  2. RPM is 10,000 There's a great video on here on where/how the Trent engines are built. All 1,300 Trent engines in services are constantly monitored by RR 24/7 around the world for vibration, etc. amazing use of the internet

  3. The bolts that attach the turbine blades to the main shaft are made at Swagelok Isle of Man where I'm doing my degree placement! The rods that change the angle of attack on the stationary blades are made here too.

  4. Complicated problem mate ..Rolls Royce is ultimately responsible because they build these parts, test them and deliver to customer as final product. For example, the A-380 project is plagued with serious wing cracks which causes big headache for Airbus
    They can't say the wings are manufactured in the UK and we the Airbus are not responsible. If Hamilton Sundstrand gearbox's functions perfectly elsewhere,the problem is with Rolls Royce.

  5. mishaps began to pile up alarmingly pal ..thats not good news for RR.

    TOKYO (AFP) – All Nippon Airways (ANA) said on Monday it was repairing five Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets for an engine defect, the latest problem for the troubled airliner.

    The Japanese carrier grounded the planes following an announcement last week by the Dreamliner's engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce about a problem in its gearbox, a spokesman said.

  6. I'f I'm not mistaken, RR and PW had done some type of joint venture, and apparently PW was suing RR for stealing their design. Basically RR agreed to merge just so they can have access to PW design ideas. Not sure if it had any truth, but I am told that PW engine happen to be very well put engine, as are RR. So I can't really see why PW would make claims.

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