Auf wiedersehen Germany! Hello/Bonjour Canada!

To skip directly to BA’s World Traveller Plus product, please skip to 9:50

Enjoy this flight report of my journey from Munich, Germany to Montreal, Canada (via London Heathrow). I was originally booked through to Montreal in economy (Euro Traveller and World Traveller) but was upgraded in London to World Traveller Plus. British Airways puts forth a very good Premium Economy product. This video encaptures both BA’s European Economy Class (which has changed since the time of recording) and their long-haul Premium Economy cabin. Thanks again for watching!

Music courtesy of Telic:

Flight Information:

Flight 1:
Operator: British Airways
Flight: BA0951
Route: Munich (MUC) to London Heathrow (LHR)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Class: Euro Traveller (Economy Class)
Seat: 16A

Departure: 12:50 CEST (Actual 12:41)
Arrival: 14:00 BST (Actual 13:47)

Flight 2:
Operator: British Airways
Flight: BA0095
Route: London Heathrow (LHR) to Montreal (YUL)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Class: World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)
Seat: 19D

Departure: 18:15 BST (Actual 18:32)
Arrival: 20:15 EDT (Actual 20:32)


  1. I will be flying in the World Traveller Plus Cabin on BA's Dreamliner service to SJC tomorrow, so I thank you very much for the detailed video so I know what to expect!

  2. In case an irresistible person smokes a cigarette then it shouldn't cause any harm to other passengers life so an ash tray is always present in the lavatory though its banned

  3. Airlines have ashtrays just in case any brings a cigarette on board. It is better for there to be a place to put out a cigarette on a plane instead there not being one and it being a potential fire hazard

  4. Hey, fantastic video! You´ve been lucky to still get a sandwich and drinks on your short trip to Heathrow, BA cancelled that in economy unfortunately. However, the World Traveller Plus is a nice product, despite I do not like the seat design 🙂 Thumbs up!

  5. To answer the question – isn't it if someone was to smoke, they would have somewhere to put it out so it doesn't cause a fire?

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