I tried to upload this video in China, but it was ridiculous slow through a VPN server. Therefore, please ignore my comments on the return trip. Please tell me if you like to see a short review of the return trip as well because I already had some footages. Happy New Year!

A trip report for China Southern Airlines. Flight CZ330 (VANCOUVER-GUANGZHOU) by B787-8 in Business Class. Flight CZ3608 (GUANGZHOU-DALIAN) by A319-100 in Business Class (Domestic First).


  1. Awesome video you made,really love that christmas background music.,this video is in my top 10 aviation trip reports of all time.

  2. Thanks for sharing! The Chinese airlines are serving travelers very well. My brother and I just returned from Guangzhou, China with Hainan Airlines, it was a nice trip. Their Gong Wu cabin is similar to most of American's first class. Very polite flight attendants, good food, great service. They even give you sleeping cloth, make the bed for you on HU Gong Wu class. Will try China Southern for my next trip.

  3. 做得很不错。我近期也打算做国航的报告,视频底料都有了,下一步就剩下编辑了。有什么电脑软件可以推荐?

  4. Excellent video. One question, how long was your connection time in Guangzhou? It seemed like you had plenty of time to explore.

  5. 中国的航空公司还是国航好,国航大妈亲切,舒服,随和,任性~~虽然没有很好的服务,但是很好玩,可会聊天了

  6. Dear Zhu,I really enjoyed your video and you know what?? Even though I saw your video todayi in April,I love the backround Christmas music!.Thanks for sharing your travels and keep that spirit! Regards!!!!!!

  7. Hi, thank you for your vedio. I notice that you used iPhone to record the vedio during the flight, this is not permitted by China southern airline. Please do not use phone throughout the entire flight even if it is on flight mode. Thank you 🙂

  8. XI XI for your nice video.  you are a chinese prince !  so you  are from dalian?  there are chinese workers from the dalian company building roads in my country.    
    hey. next time you take a shower post the whole thing. it would be nice to see you full monty. !!  take care.

  9. Great video! In few week later I will fly with China Southern 787 too, I am look forward the trip after watch your video! Keep on to doing this video.

  10. I enjoyed your video.If I may make a comment, when you pan with the camera please move a bit slower.When one moves too fast during filming, it's a bit hard on ones eyes. However thank you for this presentation.

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