GoPro view in Cockpit TUI Netherlands Boeing 787 Dreamliner approach and landing at Amsterdam Schiphol’s Polderbaan runway 18R. DETAILS


  1. hmmm i thought the boeing GPWS or whatever it is starts making altitude callouts at 2500ft but here only 1000ft, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10ft……

  2. How does the first officer know how and when to make those micro-adjustments upon final approach? Does the pilot feel a force in the yoke? I see every pilot do it.

  3. This is gay. Not because something is wrong with the video but because I am a pussy and afraid of height. The last time I got in a airplane I cried. Good thing not many people were on the plane to see it

  4. Wow the 787 has much more of a glass-cockpit looking cockpit with all of this new fangled technology.

    It looks so different than the 777 lol. I like the 787 but I still need to warm up to it I guess.

  5. 2 little points of the procedure which might not be according to the book : pilot flying is arming speed brake without mentioning it . And landing check list is announced complete before they get landing clearance. Landing clearance should be part of the check list

  6. It's a beautiful aircraft, inside and outside, and I would give anything to fly it. But when it comes to airliners, I must say that a 727 or DC-10 cockpit gives me much more thrill. This one is too… perfect. 🙂

  7. The automated checklist (electronic checklists) has been a feature on Boeing 777 before the dreamliner inherited it. It made for the purpose of a "paperless cockpit". Please do some research before you say the pilots are sloppy or something

  8. Landing checklist!?
    -Landing checklist.
    Landing checklist complete.

    In times of electronic controls in the aircraft you don't even have to read the checklist – the plane does it for you…


  9. Curious why both had taken off one of the earphones? I guess it's easier to hear each other that way as opposed to using the headset intercom?

  10. The PIC said "landing check list" and it seemed to me the Captain said "complete" without doing anything? What did I miss? KDM

  11. The layout in a 787 cockpit is unbelievable brilliant. It could well be the best out of all aircraft fleets!!!

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