Last monday a storm crossed the netherlands and I was there to film a few crosswind landings. This KLM Boeing 787 had a few problems to land and the pilots decided to perform a go around. This was the first time I was able to film a Dreamliner of KLM. Wind speeds reached up to 45 knots and gusts caused lots of trouble. This wasn` t the only go around that day. I will upload a full “Crosswind Landings during a stom” video next saturday. I didn` t make it in time for this weekend cause I had to review two hours of footage.

I added a Boeing 787 mix after the main video which lasts 3:30min. The Aeromexico also performed a nice crosswind landing on the Polderbaan. It was the last aircraft to land on the runway which was closed after the Dreamliner arrival.

Featured Boeing 787`s:

1.) KLM Boeing 787-9
2.) Aeromexico Boeing 787-8
3.) Tui NL Boeing 787-8
4.) ANA Boeing 787-8
5.) JAL Boeing 787-9
6.) Etihad Boeing 787-9
7.) Lan Chile Boeing 787-9
8.) Air Canada Boeing 787-8
9.) Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9
10.) Boeing Company Boeing 787-9
11.) British Airways Boeing 787-8

Thanks for watching.


  1. look at the second landing. You see the 787 face directly towards the camera. It's a beast. It's beautiful.

  2. Can someone explain what is that opening/hole at the connection of the wing to the fuselage? It looks like a vent.

  3. The R2-D2 787 is one of the birds I'm proud to say that I had a hand in building.  I work at the N. Charleston Final assembly line and was incredibly excited about that bird.  As for some of the others it's possible I had a hand in the Vietnam, JAL, LAN, Air Canada and some of the other ANA birds.  It's hard to tell which came from us and which came from WA.  Can't wait to see some footage of the 787-10 which just had it's first flight which was awesome to build and then see fly for the first time!

  4. Who decided to put wind energy turbines at the end of the runway? Seems a bad place for them.

    I've landed there many times and never seen these wind turbines.

  5. Beautiful plane, technical marvel. And damn uncomfortable. I took my first 787 ride a few months ago; the configuration was 3-3-3, and there was barely room to move.

  6. amazing videos! I usually prefer the water bombers but these are still great, probably my second favourite. kudos!

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