G-TUIC A Beautiful brand new Boeing 787-8 takes off at Orlando Sanford International Airport Head to East Midlands Airport United Kingdom. A stunning takeoff on a beautiful bird. Please comment rate and subscribe!


  1. Chennai to Singapore Air India Business Class is good only thanks to the lovely aircraft. But AI's maintenance, inflight services, hospitality and food quality leave much to be desired. Tremendous scope for improvement.

  2. I've flown GTUIC from Manchester to Sanford on the 10th April 2014, and GTUID on the return on the 24th, absolutely loved it, stunning aircraft!

  3. Hard to believe those engines are at full power and yet so quiet. Thanks for this and thanks  that it was going to my local airport too

  4. Fantastic video, she was heading back to my home airport! We now have 2 departures a week with the Thomson 787 here at East Midlands, one to Cancun and one to Orlando.

  5. No problem! i would love to help out a visitor, this spot is on Mellonville Ave all the way North, I usually come from Lake Mary Blvd heading east then i turn left onto Mellonville Ave and follow the street all the way to the end to the runway, Theres a fence in the way of ur shot but theres a little opening you can stick your camera thru, its easier if you have a small step ladder, enjoy SFB spotting as i do and anymore questions feel free to ask.

  6. Very relaxing and comfortable.
    However, a lot of the passengers were nervous as it was a new aircraft, but i knew it would be fine.

  7. Ah, Allegiant Air and Vision Airlines; two airlines that serve Central Illinois Regional Airport. Well, only Allegiant. Vision used to serve my hometown of Champaign but for some reason stopped service 2 weeks after the inaugural flight!!!

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