The airline Ethiopian Airways again scheduled direct flights in between Addis Ababa and Sao Paulo, abolishing the stopover in Lomé. It has also inaugurated a new website link to Manama in Bahrain.

Starting off on 16 September 2017, Ethiopia&#39s nationwide airline will present 4 direct flights a week in between its base in Addis Ababa-Bole and Sao Paulo-Guarulhos airport operated in Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner seats 24 Passengers in Organization class and 246 in Financial state. Departures will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at nine:30 am to get there at four:fifteen pm, return flights leaving Brazil on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at one:35 am to land at 8:00 pm. Ethiopian Airways is without opposition on this route, Sao Paulo is also served from Africa by South African Airways (Johannesburg, LATAM), Royal Air Maroc (Casablanca) and TAAG (Luanda).

A fifth weekly rotation on Sunday will be place in spot by the Star Alliance enterprise on December ten, in accordance to Airlineroute.

In Togo, Lomé-Tokoin airport is served 4 instances a week in 787-8, departing from Ethiopia on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at nine:00 am (arrival at eleven:30 am) and returns At thirteen:00 (arrival at 21:35). Ethiopian Airways is without opposition on this line. Recall that the enterprise flew to Brazil in July 2013, serving Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Only proposed to the trip of the triangular road, this last location experienced been suppressed in Might 2014.

Ethiopian Airways yesterday inaugurated its new website link in between Addis Ababa and Manama airport, the a few weekly flights getting operated by using Dammam in Saudi Arabia aboard Boeing 737-800 for 16 travellers in Organization class And 138 in Economics. Departures are scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at nine:twenty five pm, arriving the adhering to working day at one:35 in Dammam-King Fahd, departing Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:twenty am and landing at 2:45 am in Bahrain. The return flight will take off at one:30 pm to get there at 8:00 am (Dammam loses its direct flight to Addis Ababa). Ethiopian Airways is in direct opposition with Gulf Air on this road stopped in 2011. Air Journal )

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