Review of Norwegians economy premium class on their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I flew from Oslo to Orlando.


  1. It is a evening premium class and not business but it offers exactly the same services as a normal business class such as dedicated check in, fast track, lounge at most airports and old business seat( like airlines till have). The only thing that they lack if a proper F&B on board. But hey you pay 1/3 of a classic business class ticket of another company. I have change title of the video to avoid upset people. Sorry for that mistake.

  2. What is it with misleading clickbait videos on YouTube… this isn't Business class, it's merely Premium Economy. You won't earn any Subscribers with misleading titles- and might even lose a few (and I can see you don't have many to spare as it is).

  3. Its not business class its premium class. You need to get your facts right. And the seat adjustments are not mechanical by hand. Did you actually fly Premium lol seems like you know jack shit about how this airline operates. A bad review.

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