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  1. Just great !!!! How lucky you are to fly this plane… I flew the 737 and today I fly the 777… I'm waiting for the -9 version and the upgrade of the cockpit 🙂 Have a good flight my friends ! Yes…I'm definitely a "Boeingman" 🙂

  2. When Boeing decides to make a new plane it's typically a totally new concept and revolutionizes aviation. Makes me very proud to come from an aviation family, with over 100 years of combined work for Boeing.

  3. Wonderful! I haven't had the opportunity fo fly ET Airlines, but based on the number of awards they've won, i'm guessing it's one of the best airlines out there. 

  4. I have two questions:
    When will Boeing finally get rid of this control coloumns? They have no advantage at all, compared to sidesticks. Instead, they obscur instruments, make entering/leaving your place more difficult and cramp the cockpit.
    It's funny how Americans would never buy a car without automatic gearboxes, but when it comes to flying, Boeing always  insists on leaving more decisions (and room for errors!!) to the pilots. Airbus' more restringent flight envelope has saved dozens of life, and crashes like the Asiana mishap at SF and the downing of Turkish Airlines at Amsterdam could never happen in an Airbus. 
    Secondly, what happens when you hit the (very thick and solid) glass of the HUD with your forehead? Why don't they put the HUDs on the top of the dashboard, just like in military fighters?

  5. I've got 2 of your Dvds and downloaded the awesome 737 Norwegian Air video, but I will wait for this one incase it comes as download someday. I can't justify buying a blueray player just for the odd time I wanna Watch. Also I hate in this day and age, having to have disc's all over the place when Fiberoptic is so widespread now. I for one cannot wait for the death of discs.

  6. LOT, a polish airliner and ANA, All Nippon Airways. 
    And many more use 787.

    Ethiopian is the first in Africa.
    They are so close to the window.

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