Hello, actually I did not really plan to release this video, because there is already a video about Etihad’s 787-9 business class on my channel. However, the crew on this flight was so excellent, that I thought I just create a video to credit their work. Also I show some footage of the SATS lounge in Singapore. However, there’s no material on the lavatories and the amenity kit here. So if you’re eager to see the toilet 😀 and/or the toothbrush of the amenity bag ;-), I recommend you to watch my Düsseldorf-Abu Dhabi video. It is longer and more detailed.
Apart from that, I still want to add that my videos are just trip reports from my personal perspective, for real professional airline reviews I can wholeheartedly recommend the channels of Simply Aviation, Sam Chui, When I Travel the World, Amandeuce and The Luxury Travel Expert. DennisBunnik Travels is one of my personal favourites, too. They all make really, really fine videos.

With that being said, I hope you still enjoy my video and hopefully find it somewhat entertaining.

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  1. Hi my friends (and foes ;-)), here some time marks for better orientation:
    00:00 Introduction/Singapore
    00:21 SATS lounge Singapore Changi
    01:57 Entering the plane
    02:14 Finding my seat (4K, the seat, not the resolution :D)
    02:31 FA beginning onboard service
    02:52 Short footage of the seat itself
    03:05 Safety video (some short part of it)
    03:19 The menu
    04:05 Magazine to read + massive table
    04:16 The guy with the flashlight
    04:23 Takeoff next to a thunderstorm
    05:46 Appetizer
    05:54 Starter: Parsnip soup
    06:05 Entrée: Roast chicken + wine
    06:17 Dessert: Crème brûlée with coffee
    06:30 IFE system
    06:47 Remote control for entertainment system
    07:05 Special touchscreen for seat controls
    07:28 Normal buttons for seat control
    07:34 Headphones
    07:41 Seat in normal position
    07:59 Seat in sleeping position
    08:04 Landing
    08:24 Credits

    Please note: If you are eager to see the lavatories and the amenity kit, just watch my other 787-9 video which is more detailed:

    Anyway, hope you enjoy that video, thx for watching and see you soon!

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