My business class flight with Etihad in the brand new Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg. 8.5 hours the flight time in one of the best business class.

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▶ ︎ Q: How can you fly so much? A: The videos on YouTube appear delayed and do not show the time as it was experienced. A video can have been shot many months ago.
▶ ︎ Q: How much does a flight cost? A: As usual, there are list prices and offers. I fly at times when few other people are flying and the way is the goal! With an unbeatable offer, I fly to a destination, which would not be so booked. Others fly to the goal and pay a lot of money – but I save a lot and pay absurdly cheap prices.
▶ ︎ Q: What are you working on? A: I am self-employed, work 7 days a week also on Sundays and have several trade.
▶ ︎ Q: Are you rich? A: No, see above: Work 7 days and the route is the destination and you travel cheaper than those who book a destination and need the flight there.


  1. Love it! Hey – how tall are you? I'm 6'!" and I want to know if I will be comfortable in the seat. You look like you have sufficient room.

  2. Hello. I think that you are one of the best travel the vloggers on YouTube. Your videos are very informative and entertaining. I'm just curious to know… why is it that you blur the faces of the people in the background?

  3. That ash tray compartment is for cigarette disposal IF someone did break the law. It’s not there to encourage people to smoke, its there as a precaution and proper disposal procedure when such incident happens.

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