This is my first flight ever on a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from Rio de Janeiro Tom Jobim (Galeao) Airport (GIG) to Houston George Bush Intercontinental (IAH).
The plane was N20904, delivered to United in 2012 and my seat was 24A.

I really liked the 787-8. I’ve waited a long time to fly on one. Now I still have to fly on the 787-9, A350, A380 and A320Neo.

As you may recall, when they first started to talk about the 787 (early 2000s), it was called 7E7 (E for efficient). The first design resembled a dolphin. At that time I provided a lot of data in order to improve the customer experience (around 2002-2003).

The 787 is a revolutionary aircraft. It uses a much higher proportion of composite materials than other airplanes. The windows are larger, there are no window shades and there is more humidity and higher cabin pressure that in other aircraft.
United has a very diversified fleet. They leave almost no gap in the capacity and range from the Q200 to the 747-400.

United service was OK. Some days late, exactly the day when I was returning from this trip, the renowned incident with the passenger that was dragged off a plane occurred.

Besides the plane, in the video you will see the Plaza Premium Lounge at Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport and the American Express centurion Lounge at Houston Airport. Both are great and provide a nice environment to relax, work, eat or take a shower before or in between flights.

Equipment: Boeing 787-8
Reg. N20904
Asiento/Assento/Poltrona/Seat: 24A
Recorded on March, 30, 2017

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  1. WONDERFUL!!! I have flown the 787 twice and love it. I enjoy your comments inserted on the bottom. That Centurion Lounge looks spectacular!!! Terrible that the airline food is not of the quality of that lounge!!! 🙂 Bummer!

  2. Hola!El sábado que viene tengo un vuelo a Colombia desde buenos aires,quería saber si se puede grabar normalmente ,si no corta la comunicación etcétera…Gracias por la respuesta

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