AF787V – 12/2016
Full Report (english):
Full Report (french):


  1. how does arrival TO KBFI work? do they fly from CDG-BFI, then pick the plane up right away? or do all the people fly in the day before to SEA, stay at a hotel, then go up to KBFI?

  2. they didn´t leave the mark "Dreamliner" at the Heck. What a shame… you dont know by Air France that you fly now by a Dreamliner, but just a 787-9. I would let it stand there.

  3. Amazing video, better than other channels, am wondering how such an amazing channel has this amount of subscribers.

    Just a question how did they let you in the cockpit, thanks 🙂

  4. nice video – wud have preferred to see AIR FRANCE (not connected) – AF used to be a great airline with a great F and also C – looking at the catering now makes me think about the Y meals in the older days … pitty they have to save on this to be able the pay the outrages salaries of their pilots – we were still happy to fly!

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