Best viewed in HD!! Full flight report onboard Qatar Airways Boeing 787 dreamliner businessclass from Brussels to Doha.
Flight number: QR194
Seat number: 4A
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What camera do you use?
– GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition and Sony FDR-AX-33.
What mounts do you use?
– I use a HAMA suction cup with tripod adapter.

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  1. Awesome video !! Im going to travel on Qatar Airways business class in June. Im a bit confuse with their on demand "a la carte" menu. Does this mean that I can order as much as I want even the main course menu whenever I want throughout the entire flight ? thanks

  2. Great video. I'm flying this in 2 days and I'm a nervous flyer. Could you comment how safe this plane is? Thank you!

  3. I'm flying from London to Singapore on the 787 + the a350, one of them is a night flight and I was wondering if you get a mattress pad on your seat when sleeping ?

  4. Fly everytime with Qatar Airways! But this video is great… But you have more on board 🙂 Like Internet Champagne everything is really great!!!!

  5. You're so good,And a very nice video! I am also going from Delhi-Doha and from Doha-Paris,In business class only,Hope it will be good and safe!

  6. in my opinion, flying with Qatar Airways was a nice experience. i took a business class as well. thank you for uploading the flight report.

  7. You did not want any dessert ???!!!!

    OMG !!!! How can you refuse a dessert ???!!!!
    Every meal in France ends with a sweet note ! This tradition has been lasting since the Middle Age and even before the Middle Age !!!
    And a passenger on Qatar Airways early in the XXIst century does not want any dessert !!!! OMG !!!
    This would be a diplomatic deep incident in any home or restaurant in France !!!
    WHAOOOO !!!
    Somebody refuses a dessert !!!! A big big big big clash in France !!!


  8. I know South-Brussels airport (Charleroi).
    I've flown many times between Nice-Côte d'Azur and Brussels on Brussels Airlines which was Virgin Express before being BA. Excellent airline company also !

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