An exclusive look on board a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight as a Boeing team flies the jetliner’s maiden flight to Japan for a visit with ANA, the first airline that will fly the 787.


  1. 787 9 has the longest wings in 7X7 history. In compared with A 380 or 747 8, I like A380 or 747 8. 4 engines is better than 2 engines when they landing and taking off.

  2. "Welcome to Japan !!" say the man on 03:00 to the Boeing 787. Is fun to remember that also were two Boeing who dropped the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  3. Well actually 0.85 is the Typical Cruise Speed. It can infact do Mach 0.90 – of which for some airlines, that extra speed could be used over fuel saving. Of course with a strong enough tailwind it can actually break the speed of sound relative to Ground., meanwhile airspeed will remain 0.90, and anything over that – it will need to be tested for damage.

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