LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Holds Speech On Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft Charleston, SC 2/17/17 Boeing

Aircraft Manufacturing Remarks at the Unveiling of the New Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft

NEXT EVENT: Rally Florida at Orlando Melbourne Airport America Back To Work

Watch Live President Donald Trump Speech In Charleston South Carolina At The Boeing Company Facility Delivering Live Remarks.
Donald Trump Will Be Holding A Speech On The New Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Aircraft Live From Charleston South Carolina at 1:00 PM ET.

Will speak at the unveiling of Boeing’s newest aircraft in North Charleston Friday, according to Boeing officials and Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Depart the White House for Joint Base Andrews Enroute to Boeing Plant in South Carolina – South Lawn
Arrives in North Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston International Airport
Meet with Dennis Muilenburg, the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of the Boeing Company – Boeing Company Facility
Tour the Boeing facility – Boeing Factory
Offer remarks at the unveiling of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft – Boeing Factory
Tour the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft – Boeing Factory
Depart North Charleston, South Carolina en route to West Palm Beach, Florida – Charleston International Airport


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  7. He's gonna keep talking and talking for four years and suddenly everyone will realize nothing was actually accomplished.

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  11. The God bless is ridiculous. Dumb people believe in a sky ghost. I still do thank the majority of Christians for voting for Trump . Stunpals

  12. People are posting this as if Boeing just released the 787 HD because of Trump. This was not the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft Unveiling. This was the unveiling of the 787-10. I have been flying on 787's for years. Stop trying to make it look like because President dipshit is now in the Oval Office suddenly Americas Great Again. The 787 first flew on December 15, 2009, and was Introduced on October 26, 2011. Granted most of the rednecks in the United States don't know this because they are hiding from the big scary world. Also, Trump's crowds would not be nearly as big in blue Everett Washington where the 787 was designed or in blue Chicago where Boeing HQ is. The only reason 787-10 are made in South Cousin f'kr is they gave Boeing a huge tax break (no taxes) to bring some industry to their Republican ravaged state.

  13. As an Australian it is good to hear Americans talking like Americans they way they used to be before the Multinationals decided that profits were more important than the future of the US , in fact who built China into what it is today , the American consumer buying products from China from American owned companies creating a 500 billion dollar trade deficit with China alone , every single Apple product is now made outside the US .

  14. Sending out the national guard to round up immigrants, Religious vetting to enter the country. Seriously what does that echo to you nationalist psychopaths.

  15. Liberals hate American… How did they get this way? They really like buying cheap shit from China? They really like shittiing on Americans who want good paying jobs and not a fucking $15 dollar wage working at a fucking starting fast food restaurant? This is the liberals dream? FUCK YOU! Liberals hate free speech! Liberals are the real communist!

  16. Wait a minute! Aren't we (the "useful idiots") supposed to be happily participating in the decline and downfall of Western civilization by joining the Neo-feudalist Globalist agenda?

  17. I voted for Donald Trump and he is my president and yours.even those democrats that don't like Trump,he is your president.if you are that upset that he is president then please leave the country.

  18. NEXT HUGE LIVE EVENT: President Donald Trump Rally Florida at Orlando Melbourne Airport America Back To Work

  19. YEAP///// American
    Many of the Dreamliner's suppliers are based overseas
    in countries including Japan, Italy, Korea, Germany, the United
    Kingdom, Sweden and France. For example, Italian firm Alenia Aeronautica makes the center fuselage,
    French firm Messier-Dowty makes the aircraft's landing-gear system,
    German firm Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik supplies the main cabin lighting,
    Swedish firm Saab Aerostructures manufactures the access doors and and
    Japanese company Jamco makes parts for the lavatories, flight deck
    interiors and galleys.

  20. This man is moving like a true BOSS! I'm praying God will establish his thoughts that America will return again to Gods favor as she stands with Israel to receive on Gods promise made to Abraham! I pray for Trump in his fight against Islamic Jihad on Judeo- Christian countries, and I also pray for the eradication of Islams enabler, the cancer of Liberalism! Amen!

  21. thank you president Donald Trump goodbye illegal immigrants on our American soil with our American job it will be no more thanks to Donald Trump for saving American job

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