Lizzie O’Leary reports on whether the new Boeing 787 everything it’s cracked up to be?


  1. if you hate Boeing or Airbus you are just jealous because you are not lucky to build a business and be rich and sell planes thats why!

  2. Boeing 787 boast there wide cabin and modern design while airbus A380 that has double deck plane that carries more passengers. But Boeing sells there B787-9 for $288.7 million. while Airbus A380-800 sells it for almost $403.9 million i would rather choose Boeing!

  3. The reason for the nicer air is because in the Dreamliner there is not as much pressure in the cockpit.

    Cool plane with all the colored lighting and tint windows. Might go on it in 2 years on Norwegian airlines, can't wait!!!

  4. Between the Airbus A380 wing cracks and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner engine fires this whole bigger jet thing isn't looking too good…

  5. American Airlines flies Boeing, formerly McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (now Boeing), Bombardier, ATR, Embraer. I think they are buying some Airbus in the future.
    Does that answer your question? Also, Boeing is an American company.

  6. That's how I feel every time I set foot on one of those things. They just don't inspire confidence. The first thing I look at when buying tickets is what kind of aircraft it will be.

  7. airbus are already building a plant in Alabama to take advantage of our highly skilled workforce and capture marketshare from boeing. Im all for American manufacturing so this a good boost to the economy and also shows we are number one in commercial plane manufacturing

  8. They'd rather delay things than risk involving in some engineering accident. This thing is suppose to be 'perfect'.

  9. I'm an aviation fan. Airbus or boeing, both companies are amazing. But in my opinion boeing is more innovative.

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