Thank you for stopping by to my 2nd ever video! This is a much more detailed flight report of my Virgin Atlantic flight from LHR to LAX onboard the Boeing 787-9, Virgin Atlantic’s most modern aircraft! I will show you my meals in full detail, airport shots, window view shots, and more!
Airline: Virgin Atlantic Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Origin: London Heathrow(LHR)
Destination: Los Angeles International(LAX)
Flight time: 10:20
Flight #: VS023
Seat #: 62A
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  1. Do they have a McDonalds, KFC or Burger King or any other fast food restaurants? Our flight in 1 month is a 'late nighter' were we need to eat quick. Can anyone answer my question?

  2. Thank you for this video. I am flying with Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic next Saturday from Adelaide to London so going the opposite direction. I am not a very good flyer so this has helped me calm down a lot and seeing how the process works and the experience on the flight. Thank you again

  3. Great video. I'm taking this flight in September. Did you notice a difference in your level of jet lag on the Dreamliner?

  4. Thanks for the report. Planning a trip to California next year, Virgin are looking like one of the cheapest options from LHR. Have flown to Orlando with Virgin before but the planes were a lot older. What was your flight number? Do you know if it's solely 787-9s that do this route?

  5. Thank you! i really enjoyed your vlog i'm going Virgin Atlantic airbus 330 from Manchester to JFK in August i cant wait now!

  6. if u spend 6 months in a foreign country or even have a lecture to attend it makes sense. but to travel miles and miles just to sight see is ludacris. rather then wasting crucial fund in going to space why not invest in uber or something. don't be a fool. boycott all virgin products until we have something useful to society instead. think about where u spend ur money. its becoming difficult to survive in this world. oil will run out soon. u going to space to escape? be financially aware. it is ur world. not Richard bransons. boycott all Richard Branson assets.

  7. Thanks very much for this video. I'm flying Virgin Atlantic London Gatwick – Orlando next month. I suffer with anxiety – it makes me feel better when I can roughly see what to expect, so this really helped to put me at ease seeing how to all works/the experience. Thanks again.

  8. Flew the inaugural flight to Seattle the other week on this plane and it was a good experience for economy.

  9. I've flown Virgin Atlantic four times now. I absolutely love it. This year I'm flying Air Berlin. I'm a little nervous as Virgin Atlantic's service is always outstanding.

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