This was great to see, the pilot brings the 787 in to land and just as the front wheels touched down, he lifts back off again.

The Farnborough airshow authorities said the wing was too close to the ground as he veered off, it was around 15 feet off the deck, so unfortunately they banned the manoeuvre for the rest of the week.

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  1. Yeah, I can see their point. But you know Boeing practised that a s**tload of times before showing it to the assembled press and potential buyers. Actually reminds me of the way that SAS does their takeoffs. When there is a large mountain at the end of the runway you learn how to make steep climbs!

  2. that's my friend Chad. you should see how he flew KC-10 A.R's… had me crapping my pants a few times. of course when a skud missile is about 100yds off your windscreen… you gotta bank and roll I guess.

  3. This is the exact plane my man works on it is an aweome plane to watch. I was there for the maiden flight at Paine Field in Everett, Washington when it happened and it was spectacular. The Everett factory let all the employees take off work just to watch it and you could hear them across the runway they were so loud.

  4. Seems kind of silly; I'd say he knew exactly what he was doing and had done it many times before. Europe is even worse than the US about trying to force everyone to be uber-safe all the time. It's stupid how, for example, a couple people die in some high-profile but rare fashion, and they over-react and pass all kinds of annoying laws and act as if it was a deadly scourge, while meanwhile there are 14,000 automobile accidents every DAY in the US alone, and no-one even thinks twice about jumping into their car and hurtling down the road at 70mph among traffic. People really need a sense of perspective.

  5. Use your high definition screen and enlarge to max and that 787 never came close to the ground. What we have here is some jealous Eurotard's that can't stand the fact that Boeing 787 is a superior aircraft in all forms and manners it beat's Airbus by a mile.

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