Take a look at the newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner added to American Airlines fleet. Windows that darken, larger carry on compartments, and business class seats like no other. Read more here:


  1. Fabulous video looks very trendy plane the part I liked is the seats and TV screens in front very looking nice

  2. What ever happened to the era of the pretty stewardesses? God a pack of dumpy slobs on the plane. damn get the dog food bowls out……

  3. That pilot knows 41,000 feet is a normal cruising altitude. That's not "higher." Most modern aircrafts can go up to 41,000 feet, including the 767 that he talked about.

  4. I "love" how they selected a window seat that aligned nicely with the window to show off it's features …, why not show off one of those awkwardly positioned window seats where the window is either behind your shoulder or nearly right by the backrest of the seat in front of you …,

  5. IFE, how American Airlines sees it – In flight entertainment

    IFE, how I see it – In Flight Emergency xD

  6. that guy is dumb that American ordered all the Boeing 707 to 787 he doesn't know that American doesn't ordered the 717

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  8. In 2017 and still have those crappy resistive touch screens… the plane is awesome thought, but don't see a big difference from 777 except shading windows

  9. They've got a new plane so what, as soon as you get on they'll tell you to deplane to get a flight 1hr later which they mean is 15hrs later

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