Inside Tour of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from China Southern Airlines; you can see First Class, Business Class and Economy Class; Registrations of planes are B-2732 and B-2725


  1. I went to Airline China southern Airline so fucking awesome and I can watch movie,eating and take a break I went to wuhan and to Thailand
    IT FUCkING AWSOME enjoying the Airline!!

  2. The first class cabin looks like an unmade bed. Funky even. For the "fresh start" of an outbound flight I would be pissed to sit down in such an unkempt looking cabin after paying such a huge amount for the privilege. Would never book this airline. God only knows how filthy the wash room is.

  3. that must be business class, since you're near the wing?
    That's an interesting configuration. Seems like 1st class extends quite far back.

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