Pls also have a look at my latest review of Qatars new Five Star Airport HIA:


  1. Awesome video.The music is perfect while the plane flew above those region where the civilization started. Great work!!

  2. Simply archaic! You have to ride a bus to the airplane, and then climb some stairs? LOL! Just pulling your chain, Homer. Look like a fabulous airport!

  3. Love to fly too u know!! I've just uploaded my new video (episode 4) in the Dreamliner too! Can u leave a comment? Hope to read your opinion!

  4. homer après avoir été fan de émirates est désormais fan de qatar airways et a juste titre car qatar airways est largement supérieur a emirates ainsi d ailleurs qu a la plupart des compagnies de la planète choix judiicieux homer bonne continuation avec qatar airways

  5. Hmm nice review ! I don't know how cabin crew are able to smile so much ! Normally I'm not in a very good mood, so would be completely unable to smile as much as that !!

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