Welcome on board the flying penthouse: inside the converted Boeing Dreamliner B787 that’s now the world’s largest private jet (and it’s yours for £20,000 per hour).

From the tarmac it may appear to be just another commercial aeroplane. But, once on-board, it soon becomes apparent that the Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet is anything but ordinary – in fact, its opulence may even trump the luxury carrier of certain US presidents.
Dubbed ‘VVIP’ because of its heightened exclusivity, it’s officially the world’s largest private jet – and the £230million aircraft went on display at London’s Stansted Airport, this week, to mark the launch of bespoke travel packages by Deer Jet.
Those wanting to experience the Dreamjet’s flashy delights will need to hire out the whole plane – as it’s not possible to book just a single seat – and that would cost roughly £20,000 per hour, meaning a flight from London to New York would have a price tag of at least £160,000.

While standard Boeing 787s carry a maximum of 335 passengers, this conversion offers guests a far greater abundance of space – 2,400 square feet to be precise – which is limited to a capacity of just 30 lucky jet-setters.
Fitted with extra-large windows for greater views of the friendly skies, the luxury cabin also boasts 18 lie-flat first class beds, plus a main lounge for meetings, relaxing or partying.
Bathrooms are kitted-out and come furnished with polished marble, solid oak wood and a selection of Jo Malone toiletry products.
In addition, the cabin also possesses private space for guests who require intimacy, while crew and in-flight butlers are accommodated in separate designated staff quarters.

Cleverly, the luxury cabin is also pressurised to just 6,000 ft, ensuring guests arrive at their final destination feeling refreshed.
However, as you might expect, the Dreamjet certainly doesn’t compromise function for the sake of form.
On the contrary, the ‘Dream Jet’ can fly for a maximum 17.5 hours over a 9,800 mile range, non-stop, at Mach 0.85.

Developed by Kestrel Aviation Management, an American aviation asset manager that specialises in airliner and corporate aircraft acquisition, sale, modification and financing, it is truly one-of-a-kind.
Typical examples of direct routes include London to Beijing or Hong Kong to Los Angeles.
However, also among the new travel packages is a seven-night charter deal, which includes accommodation at the Presidential Suite of St Regis Bora Bora Resort.

The airline plans to add more itineraries in the future as part of its goal to create seamless travel to fulfill its vision of ‘Making travel an art’. It was designed by Pierrejean Design Studios of France and outfitted by Greenpoint Technologies in the US.


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  3. Glad you like what was a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes for many years with a great team of partners we picked out by hand. We eventually sold our DreamJet to a lucky buyer who chose DeerJet to operate it. This hand over was last summer.

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