Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit and reporter Will Jordan investigate Boeing’s “Dreamliner”, finding some workers with quality concerns, alleging drug use and fearing to fly the plane they build.

You can catch the exclusive documentary on Al Jazeera English at these times: Wednesday, 10th September at 2000GMT; Thursday, 11th September at 0100GMT and 1200GMT; Friday, 12th September at 0600GMT; Saturday, 13th September at 2000GMT; and Sunday, 14th September at 0100GMT.

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  1. Not flying Boeing's is a norm that I standardized while watching Mayday Series…

    The killer 737 tends to dive nose down while taking off or landing due to "great" quality of the ruder servo actuator.

    If ain't Boeing, ain't Crashing.

  2. I don't fly often…About once every 3 years or so……But my question is…Do you have choice what airplane you fly on? I know you have a choice in the company…But the actual airplane? Is that on the ticket or something? 

  3. irrespective of how much or how little is right or wrong, as a pilot [ retired ]  i have always held " boeing "  in great esteem, my sincere hope is they do their best to maintain the golden age of flying for us all.   there is no problem that cant be fixed if there is the will. 

  4. I remember following the 787 as a kid in 2007 like crazy. I was in-love with it. But after reading reports like these, that dream of flying one just kind of died off… 

  5. These people bought out McDonnel Douglass their main competitor, now they screw up and if McDonnel Douglas was their then Boeing would go under and no one will fly Boeing, next Airbus is building a factory in Alabama!

    Shit what the hell Is going on with Boeing!

    Next the Japanese might take over the Aircraft industry and soon an Australian Airliner will only purchase nothing else but Honda and Mitsubishi and they screw Boeing because they want to be on the safe side and have their highest safety standards!

  6. Rules are rules and policies are policies, build plans, blueprints and quality procedures have to be constant, do you really think they differ between SC and WA? Does the WA plant have a differing set of build and quality processes than SC? Think about who gains from this kind of propaganda, a network looking for viewers, the unions looking for new members, prospective workers that couldn't make the grade, the workers in WA that never wanted to see work moved from their state, even the competition loves this kind of opinionated review. The 787 is a game changer that came with lots of growing pains for the entire program and all of the companies that supported and still support the program, not just the Boeing South Carolina plant. It is proving the innovative ideas and engineering of an aircraft that is changing the way people look at air transportation is a reality. Every new innovation came with its naysayers and those that only see doom and gloom. The BSC team has come a long way, strives every day to improve quality, build processes, and training opportunities for all of Boeing and will continue to make its mark in aviation history for many centuries to come. Don't let the slanted view of a few, with a debatable rationality, sway your opinion of a truly great product and program with an honestly dedicated workforce. I proudly and with confidence will fly any 787!!

  7. This is a load of crap.  You can find bad apples in any large company.  Boeing is no exception, and neither is Airbus, for that matter.  To portray any of this as an issue of union vs non-union workers is not only disingenuous, it reeks of being an IAM/SPEEA propaganda piece.
    I can only speak for myself obviously, but I can honestly say that I spent several years working on the 787 program, and I am extremely proud of the work we did.  Not only would I happily fly on the 787, but I would put my children on board without hesitation.  It's a beautiful machine, and a credit to the amazing engineers I am privileged to work with every day.

  8. Al Jazeera have a lot to gain from giving Boeing a bad wrap. Aren't Boeing the guys who make all the bombs, and missiles used to 'kill innocent muslims' in their eyes? I wouldn't believe a word out of their mouths, and frankly neither would any other rational minded individual.

  9. Airbus took 3 years to deliver the same no of a380s that it took boeing to deliver dreamliners in 1 year. I know we are talking about different sized planes but still its a new plane ,new production lines ect.

  10. Having known someone who was an mechanical engineer who was contracted out to Boeing here in the states and also in Japan, this seems spot on and I'm glad this story is being seen.  Not only was she sexually assaulted by an unskilled mechanic with a false resume in Japan, they covered it up and shipped him to Texas.

    Her FACTS on Boeing's outsourcing:

    Several contract mechanics were approved for Boeing 787 jobs with fabricated resumes. Contract company failed to do proper employment background checks for Boeing mechanic contract jobs in Charleston, SC, San Antonio, Tx, Everett, WA, Nagoya, Japan, Italy and Australia. Jobs that required 3-5 yrs experience were being worked by mechanics with no aviation experience in aircraft sealing, sheet metal and mechanical engineering jobs. This violates FAR 65:20 as it is a major safety concern. It is believed and rumored 50 to over 100 mechanics had no aviation experience at just the Everett location. The amount in Charleston may be an even bigger. Aviation Contract company guilty of:
    Hiring workers with false resumes
    Insurance fraud- forced 6-7/12 hr shifts on mechanics when work was unable to be worked to collect insurance/warranty pay from
    Negligent hiring practices
    Discrimination Retaliation
    Harassment Intimidation
    Lying during a police investigation, covering up the assault

  11. This sounds like a bunch of shite. Boeing has worked very hard to give itself a fantastic reputation. I find it odd how most of the voices was indeed manipulated and the fact that they didn't say what exactly was unsafe about the Boeing 787. If this was the case surly airlines would've cancelled orders in the blink of an eye and would've looked at Airbus's A350. For the drugs quite a a lot of factories have this concerning issue. I'm not saying that Al Jazeera is not a reliable source of news, But I would've thought that other news companies E.G. CNN, BBC etc would have this out in the public in under 10 seconds flat. I find there isn't enough evidence for me to agree to what's being said.

  12. Sounds like the unions are simply unhappy at Boeing and are trying to get back at them.

    I vote undercover union workers sent to Charelston to make up a bunch of BS to use against Boeing.

  13. 1. Most of the voice recordings were covered by another voice–> Not edited to cover identity; A separate voice has been put on – especially in the 1 on 1 interview with the Boeing worker who is allegedly the Whistle blower.
    2. Why Al Jazeera's? Makes no sense. There are CNN and other news network in North America that the western people would actually trust more.
    3. Drugs, weeds, I think you can find that in a lot of factories, companies. 
    4. THEY DIDNT EVEN SAY WHY or HOW the airplanes are unsafe. For what I know, they could have been paid to say that.
    5. Where the hell is the full interview? 

  14. I think id believe the people who work their and wont even fly the planes over an ex that only cares about making the money… wow, wont be flying with these guys.  Scary that this continues to be a problem.

  15. I think they make this out to be a lot worse than it is. There are a lot of planes in the air today that have gone through this sort of rushed production schedule

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