JAL Japan Airlines on their internationally configured 787-8 Dreamliner flying from Vancouver YVR to Tokyo Narita Airport. flight number is JL17. I was sitting in seat 26A, a window seat.

Love the 787. I definitely feel better upon landing compared to a regular aircraft due to the better cabin humidity.

If you have long legs though, I do not recommend the window seat. The space underneath the seat in front of you for your feet is incredibly small and makes for some uncomfortable positions for your feet.


  1. Thanks for posting Teri… A couple weeks ago I really enjoyed my economy JAL… BKK > NRT flight in seats 29A (and lucky me empty B) with a similar view as yours of that beautiful 787 bird-like wing.  This plane is gorgeous.  It has a lot to do with perfect lighting.  The attention and comfort even in JAL economy is unbelievably good. Thanks for the nice reminder !

  2. I'm trying to avoid the seats with the in-flight entertainment box. Is there one right in front of your seat? Do you know if there's one in front of the aisle seats? It would be awesome if you know.

  3. What do you think about the window seat? Read negative comments about under the seat entertainment box and hitting the head against the window when getting up. Just wondering whether I should be picking another seat.

  4. You flew the 787 batle route and on this route you have JAL 787 vs ANA and ACA 787. For my trip to Japan ACA is quite good because I don't speak Japanese. ACA flight attendants are having better english level than their collegues from ANA and JAL.

  5. My friend flew a brand new B787 from Vancouver to Tokyo. After having crossed Canada from here on the East Coast!
    She flew with Air Canada, though. I say, go to Japan-fly wioth Japan Airlines! Get started on the experience early!

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