Welcome on board Jetstar flight 44 from Denpasar/Bali, bound for Melbourne, Australia, operated by VH-VKH – Jetstar Airways 7th Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Follow the full flight journey from arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport, to the stunning takeoff, to the breathtaking cruise scenery featuring a gorgeous sunset from 41,000ft and finally the arrival into Melbourne Airport.

Don’t miss the amazing GEnx engine spool up on takeoff that can be found at 1:15.

With the Indonesian President departing Bali, the airport went into a standstill as part of standard security procedures. You can see ‘Indonesia One’ taxiing past at 0:30.

We hope you enjoy this full flight video featuring some of the best views flying has to offer.

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Manufacturer: Boeing
Aircraft Registration: VH-VKH
C/N: 36233/200
Delivery Date: 14th August 2014
Engines: 2x GEnx-1B




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  1. Absolutely stunning mate! By far the best flight video I've ever watched! I'm going on the Jetstar Dreamliner in July to Cairns and I definitely am going to take some inspiration from your video! Just amazing mate! Looked like a movie. Did you use a filter to make it look like a movie? What editing did you do? Cheers 🙂

  2. Great Video Mate. Very nicely put together. All the best for 2017. Happy to have finally caught up with as many of your videos as I can. Keep up the great work. Been very busy over recent months.

  3. Spectacular Video and Editing Guys! Watching this after leaving from Bali yesterday. Such a beautiful Island and you captured bits of that perfectly. Only wish I had the chance to fly to melbourne instead of Europe…..

  4. Amazing video!! I loved the cinematic feeling and the numerous different kinds of shots.  Massive like and definitely keep it up!! I hope you had a good time in Bali! : D

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