My first ever 787 Dreamliner flight featuring Jetstar Airways!

Flying from Sydney to Denpasar/Bali with Jetstar Airways JQ37 has more to offer than any other budget airlines. But the bad thing is that only credit card can be used for onboard purchases.

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  1. Great video! If anyone sees this comment and is looking to book the Jetstar 787, if you can book the up front leg room seats. They are so good and for 25 AUD its really nice. Aswell they are in this wierd front section that feels like premium economy!

  2. I'm surprised that Jetstar now offers IFE on their 787's. Surpassed my expectation of a budget airline. Oh and Nice video! Subbed to you. Check mine out too, yea?

  3. Keren…787Dreamliner ya…..Btw, coba kamu duduk di emergency exit chairs…trus ceritain deh…ngapain2 aja disitu

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