Kenya Airways welcomed the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner to Nairobi, on its African tour, and sample what its clients will enjoy from 2014.


  1. So yeah their boeing 777-200er are now getting old…n most of the inflight entertainment doesnt work..wonder if they will introduce any of the dreamliners to serve the london nairobi route coz the 777s are a little out of date

  2. @drsugarcane A few have been fired because of repeated customer complaints. But all in all, KQ employees are some of the most disgruntled employees I've ever encountered. They whine and complain about everything and that translates to bad service.

  3. KENYA flight attendants…. mmh mhh moods moods moods my sisters. Treat you fellow sister with some love,More attention to the white and you leave your black sister (me) unattendent. Waa you give me a Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  4. @butelezi00roman…or even Qatar ama emirates. Flew KQ a few times n cant say I was happy with attendants' service, compared to Ethiopian (who are actually proud to be Ethiopian n treat fellow citizens like gold!). But as Kenyans, we have to support n encourage them n maybe they will get better. Cant see why they had to opt for 787, though, when they coulda ordered the Airbus A380 n got it sooner…probably the kickbacks Boeing is well known for…

  5. had the worst experience flying KQ–flight attendants were very rude and had an ear for white pple only!! i prefer ethiopian airlines

  6. This Bird is just beautiful,Kenya enjoy the privilege from the tour,787 first landing in Kenya.looking forward to delivery of KQ B787

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