Let your journey begin on board our Boeing 787 Dreamliner as we connect Africa to the World, and the World to Africa. Keep flying the pride of Africa!


  1. Really excited about the fleet modernization in KQ, it's a great achievement for the continent. But I've read in various media reports that KQ will acquire 10 new aircaft in 2014, of which 2 are B737-800ER. That caught my attention, so I've been looking up for information on that particular aircraft type, (including Boeing's website) but cannot seem to find any such aircraft. I came across the 737-700, 800, 900, 700ER & 900ER. Could you clarify? Which of the 737's is KQ acquiring this year?

  2. It makes me feel good and relaxed  when i see the B787 branded Kenya Airways cruising at that high clouds.I will be the first person to take a flight with this aircraft

  3. I cannot wait to fly the KQ Dreamliner. I was getting tired of doing the Ethiopian Dreamliner to Beijing. Please start flying to Beijing and Hong Kong with the Dreamliner.

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