From arrival, water cannon salute to takeoff, this short video clips shows you the highlights of LAN Airlines first inaugural flight to LAX. This is the first international 787-8 flight to LAX. What a beautiful aircraft. Thank you LAN for bringing in this beauty to LAX.


  1. Not assembling the wing correctly is a manufacturing issue (as I said) not a design issue. ACtually all A380F orders had gone by 2007, but the cracks only became apparent when inspecting VH-OQA, the QF32 incident aircraft.Qantas has all 12 A380s operational.

  2. Just to point out, Boeing doesn't know what exactly caused the fire. They've redesigned the battery compartment to prevent fire from spreading/damaging the rest of the plane, but I don't think we've seen the last of this unfortunately.

  3. yes now the battery issue is fixed i think one flew to Chi town a few days ago successfully
    …love the 787 ….. was that de icing spray i saw? doesnt look cold !!

  4. Not quite correct……the Qantas engine failure was due to an oil feed "stub" pipe fitting manufacturing fault discovered by ATSB inpectors……an additional problem to the one you describe known to RR.

  5. If you do fly in LAN, you will be great. I did about 6 times from Miami to Santiago, and Santiago to Miami. Lan500, Lan501, Lan502 and Lan503. The service its amazing, free beer, nice ladies, comfortably chairs and multimedia system.

  6. The A380's problems have never required the entire fleet to be grounded. QF32's engine design fault was know and had been fitted to some of the fleet but not the accident aircraft. The cracks on the wing brackets are a manufacturing rather than design issue. It's been worked on and a permanent solution is being implemented.

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