This is probably in my opinion one of the best flights, if not the best I have ever took! Amazing aircraft! Amazing atmosphere! Amazing airline! Not much more could be said! I highly recommend doing this flight to anyone, if you can get affordable transport to Madrid and back from Frankfurt. The flight costed me £36 as well, which in my opinion was a bargain! Especially considering it is a 2 hour flight on a Dreamliner

Anyway, in quick review of the airline LATAM Chile, or should we just say LATAM or LAN 😉 The atmosphere was as the airline is, a Latin American theme. The cabin crew were really nice and were interested in my filming of the flight, I found it interesting they wore aprons as well, it made a nice touch to their stylish uniforms. All passengers in economy received a LATAM snack box, which included a croissant with bacon and a little mars bar, which I thought was a really nice and etiquette touch. We were also allowed a free drink as well, and they were serving Spanish Orange Juice and lots more, I didn’t fancy any fizz at the time so just went for the orange juice and it was delicious! The mood lighting seriously created a relaxing atmosphere on the 787, and to be honest so did the darkening of the windows – Controlled by the cabin crew as well. I didn’t have mine darkened, but the others were and it made it feel relaxing and enjoyable. IFE was pretty good, most people were watching movies of some sort, so it kept them entertained well.

Overall a really pleasant flight with LATAM. Sat in seat 32A, I had a really nice view of the wingflex of the 787. I think you will also agree I had a rather nice view!

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Aircraft type: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Flight number: LA704
Aircraft registration: CC-BGI
Seat number: 32A
Engines: 2x RR Trent 1000
Age of Aircraft: 24th March 2016 (1.1 years)
Configuration: C30Y283
Scheduled time departure: 15:05 (CET)
Approx time of departure: 15:20 (CET)
Scheduled landing: 17:50 (CET)
Approx Arrival time: 17:28 (CET)
Departure runway: RW36R
Arrival runway: RW07L
Cruising altitude: FL400
Date of flight: 24-03-17


  1. I take it that the plane had come into Madrid from South America and it was doing a connecting flight to Frankfurt? Then I guess it was going back to South America from there?

  2. Very good trip report! The B787 is a beautiful bird. Love the sound of the starting RR Trent 1000 – engines from 06:42 to 07:20 – this is PURE EARGASM!!! Thx for uploading and sharing with us! Greets from Germany, Mister X.

  3. Fabulous Video mate, what an awesome opportunity! Beautiful views from the aircraft and two great airports. I love this route especially after having done it on the 340 but would love to try the 787. The views of Frankfurt were really awesome!

  4. Beautiful jet and video. I hope to travel on one of these but I know of no plans for these to service Tampa. I'm stuck in a 737/A320 world.

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