Time lapse build of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner kit at Facebook HQ. The music is “Super Bonus Prize” by Colugo. Check out his music here:


  1. I had one of these when they first came out. But after I built it I couldn't find anywhere in the house to put it cus it was bigger than i thought it would be. Great model all the same 😀

  2. Err can I just say that does not look annything like the 787 dreamliner at all. My cousin can biuld better then that and she is 4! This is a rubbish biuld

  3. What?
    Dude building a small plane means that there won't be very good detail and it would be boring. The bigger the better and more playability. Its far better than the new city ones that have giant pieces that aren't true lego.
    Besides only thoses who aren't careful would ever drop their plane and even if you do just build it back up cos its Lego!

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