We flew out to Cancun on 8th July 2015.

I think we took off about 9:50 am and arrived at 2:00 pm (we were slightly early I remember). The service was very good for the long flight (9 hours 50 minutes approx).

I was sat in 35C and it was very comfortable for such a full flight (I saw maybe 3 spare seats).

Enjoy the video, and watch the following ones that I am going to upload that show our holiday in Mexico!!!! 😉


  1. Wow this is a great video! I'm going on holiday in october to Mexico, Cancun and my departure flight is TOM048 from Gatwick to Cancun!

  2. Did you find it bumpy sitting towards the back, and was it noisy? I usually sit near the front, but there's no seats available in this position. I've selected seats 35G and J for our flight in August. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks lee, we received a call from Thomson to upgrade our seats at the cost of £250 each but we declined lol
    We have paid for pre booked seats and champagne and chocolates 🙂 are drinks free on the flight?

  4. In year 9 im going to do gcses early and i will join air cadets and a flight school i have been on multiple cockpit simulators already i have flowen a 737 sim with no power so i had to turn apu on and glide to the run way i had to let out gear and flaps in for as long as possible to keep a decent speed and i was trying to stop fire also i have been to air show were i was lucky anough to turn on 787 8 engines also cant wait till new concorde comes out its being desighned by airbus and it can get to nyc in 1 hour 2,500 double the speed of the last one

  5. Thanks for the information on the 787 cause i was worried that the 787 8 would be bad but now youve told me and ive watched your vid

    I want to be a pilot im aiming to fly 787 10 thats coming out in 2019 so i can do my a in math science and english and get avation clearence to be pilot might be lucky to start with airbus they say there easier to fly but i disagree still tho

  6. Hi is this 787 8 or 9 do thomson own the 787 9 because flying with thomson next month and i would like the 9 anyway good vid how was it are the 787s good never been on one before lol

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