1080p HD!

On-board one of LOT’s brand new Dreamliner Boeing 787-8, operating LO282 from London Heathrow to Warsaw Okecie, Chopin Airport on Saturday 29th December 2012!
This is the “Full Flight” video, so it literally includes every piece of footage I took during the flight! It includes everything from Boarding, right through to Disembarkation, including all the good bits! 🙂

Order of Events & times:
00:15 – Boarding & interior walk through
03:50 – Pushback
07:00 – Engine Start
09:52 – Flap selection & Start of Taxi
13:30 – Line Up & Take Off (RWY27R)
28:00 – Cruising FL370
32:27 – Interior look around & TV
34:34 – Passing Traffic
35:10 – Start of Descent
45:18 – Approach, Flap Selection & Landing
54:00 – Arrival at Gate & Engine Shutdown

So, yeah this video does include everything!

Airline: LOT Polish Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 787-85D Dreamliner
Reg.: SP-LRA
Seat: 19J
Departure Time: 10:35 (actual 12:00)
Arrival Time: 14:10 (actual 14:51)
Runway: 27R
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Route: LHR-WAW

787 is fantastic, really is the future of air travel & I feel so lucky to have flown on it so soon!

Thanks so much for watching, hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as I did experiencing it!




  1. What a great video!  You showed us all the amazing modern jet liner wings and what a "marvel" they really are.  Between the wings, engines, skill of fellow humans and the tech we now have…jet travel is a "Modern Marvel!"

  2. Супер, даже иллюминатор затемняется нажатием одной кнопки! Мне бы такую тонировку на авто.

  3. Do they use business and first class on short haul flights what I mean is if you sit in first class on this flight would they treat you like you were in economy or like first class

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