14 December 2012
Route: WAW-PRG
I took a chance and decided to show you the plane from the inside during this first commercial flight. Showing the economy section. I did it quickly and not very precisely, I promise that the next time I get to fly this plane I shall make a more detailed review. Filmed on the first commercial revenue flight with LOT Polish Airlines.
Filmed from seat: 25A
Aircraft registration: SP-LRA

Cheers and thanks for watching.


  1. LOT is very good, but a long ago they has a russian IL-62. This machine flight with only one working engine, other 3 are crashed ("money, money, money"). Most popular polish singer from 1970s, Anna Jantar died in this shit. Today LOT is one of the better airlines

  2. THANK YOU!!! Thanks for making this awesome full tour video. I am traveling on a LOT 787 in 2 days and now I now the features!!! Thanks!

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  4. May i ask your seat number at 10:20 of your video while you are showing off the windows????? I am seeking for a nice window seat for my NYC trip and this seat looks really good!!!!

  5. Well, yes 😀 kind of. My first touch with the system, and the flight ahead of me was short 😀 But it was to show that the buttons do run smoothly and nicely.

  6. Well, the 787 those not have any cameras mounted. So no, there is no option of looking via a camera. There is no possibility of that in any 787. No matter what airline.

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