A several days ago, Malaysia Airways announced that it had requested 8 Boeing (NYSE:BA) 787-nine received from conversions of purchase rights for the Boeing 737 MAX and included a further 8 purchase rights for the 737 MAX.


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While the buy is fantastic news for Boeing, the preference for the Dreamliner has remaining me fairly puzzled about Malaysia Airlines’ fleet technique. Specifically immediately after the buy news, I deemed an buy for the Airbus (OTCPK:EADSF) A330-900neo unlikely, but upon additional inspection I believe an buy may and actually must nonetheless be taking place for Airbus.

In this post, I will have a appear at why an buy for the Boeing 787-nine would make feeling, but also why it does not make feeling at all and why an buy for the A330-900neo must nonetheless abide by.

Capacity and vary


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Boeing markets the Boeing 787-nine as an airplane with 290 seats and a vary of seven,635 nautical miles. At the moment, Malaysia Airways has fifteen Airbus A330-three hundred plane in company. Every single of these plane is equipped with 290 seats in two classes. This means that the Boeing 787-nine in phrases of seating capability is a immediate substitution of the Airbus A330-three hundred. This would make the Boeing 787-nine, at first sight, a great fit for Malaysia Airways. A person detail, on the other hand, must be pointed out and that is that the vary of the Boeing 787 is >7,500 nautical miles, even though the Airbus A330-three hundred with 277 travellers has a vary of 6,340 nautical miles. Geared up with 290 seats, that vary is possible to appear down even additional. The Airbus A330-three hundred in company with Malaysia Airways fly routes of at most four,700 nautical miles. What this essentially means is that the Boeing 787-nine is a capability fit, in phrases of vary it does not fit at all. The Dreamliner offers vary that is not instantly desired, it is “as well significantly airplane.”

The Airbus A330-900neo on the other hand has a 3-class configuration of 287 models, which provides the airline the chance to both make use of product segmentation even though retaining capability continual or go with a two-class cabin and upgauge. Equally choices must increase price to Malaysia Airways, but I am anticipating that the airline is not eager on incorporating an more class to its plane and would as a substitute run the A330-900neo with 290 seats or appear into upgauging. even though the A330-900neo vary is 6,550 nautical miles in three-class configuration. In phrases of vary it is a improved fit than the Boeing 787-nine and its capability will allow for both additional product segmentation by incorporating a first class, enhance the capability by incorporating seats in the two-class cabin or retaining seating continual and benefiting from the effectiveness motorists on the A330neo.

The better vary of the Boeing 787-nine possible also comes at a value in phrases of operating costs as nicely as acquisition value, wherever the -nine will be heavier than the -900neo and in particular on medium haul routes I can consider that this would make the Airbus 330-900neo the favored decide.

Commonality and flight deck commonality

Another detail that does not make a Boeing 787-nine a reasonable A330 substitution is the actuality that the Airbus A330-900neo and Airbus A330-300ceo have a 95% parts commonality and the popular type rating between the Airbus A330 and Airbus A350, which Malaysia Airways has on buy, enabling flight crews to transition from one particular type to the other with 8-working day coaching. That is a versatility that the airline won’t have with the Boeing 787-nine and is possible also likely to provide some costs in phrases of aid and for hiring or coaching flight crews. By incorporating a member, Malaysia Airways is growing the costs on its huge entire body fleet.

Airframe availability

If we take into consideration the Boeing 787 an Airbus A330 substitution, one thing that could have led to an buy for the Boeing 787-nine is the availability of slots. Boeing is presently filling the 2019 slots, even though Airbus has planned its first shipping for the Airbus A330neo in mid-2018. While huge entire body plane deliveries have been deferred, I believe the Airbus A330neo is presently getting favored above the Airbus A350 by some airlines owing to the lessen acquisition value and the scaled-down dimensions. As this kind of, I am not anticipating significant deferrals that would open up early slots for Malaysia Airways that would simultaneously also force Airbus to lessen its selling prices for the Airbus A330neo. While Airbus could possible not give discounted early slots for the A330neo, Boeing was in the place to give early slots as its manufacturing now has been stabilized and is established to enhance additional.


Wherever Boeing does look to have the advantage of early availability, the Airbus A330neo must have the pricing advantage. A person of the things that can make the organization case for the Airbus A330neo is the lessen acquisition value relative to the Boeing 787. The A330-900neo is possible tens of millions “cheaper” than the Boeing 787. Airbus is capable to undercut Boeing due to the fact of the character of the A330-900neo. The Airbus A330-900neo is a reasonably affordable improvement from the Airbus A330ceo when compared to the clean up-sheet styles this kind of as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350.

If we take into consideration all the aspects so considerably, which are the choices for product segmentation, upgauging, element and flight deck commonality and pricing then the Airbus A330-900neo must have gained palms down. Still, that did not take place and the CEO of Malaysia even stated some months before that Boeing and Airbus were not getting realistic with their pricing. With the A330-900neo pricing getting naturally lessen, if pricing were to be a issue in the negotiations, one particular would be expecting Airbus to wander absent with the buy.

Fleet plans


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Factoring in all of the over, the buy for the Boeing 787-nine can be deemed odd at greatest. Some say that the preference for Boeing has been politically pushed. This could be legitimate and exhibits that aerospace and politics do typically go hand in hand. A person detail that we must, on the other hand, do right before we jump to this kind of conclusion is take into consideration the fleet approach.

The rumors for an buy from Malaysia Airways that would both slide Boeing’s or Airbus’ way have been there for a extended time. The original approach appeared to be pretty uncomplicated – Malaysia Airways needed 25 huge entire body plane in two-class configuration that would replace the fifteen Airbus A330-three hundred plane of which the lease term will expire from 2019 until eventually 2022 and ten plane to aid expansion and the airline was thinking of the Airbus A330ceo, Airbus A330neo and Boeing 787. CEO Peter Bellew also included that it did not be expecting to resume flights to Europe right before 2019-2021. With the substitution time body and readily available shipping slots in intellect, the Airbus A330ceo and Boeing 787 may be the only suitable candidates, which also instantly demonstrates the relevance of a level enhance on the Boeing 787 method to entice consumers. For the A330neo, I’d be expecting early availability to be extra a of a issue, but it must not be undoable for Airbus to give fantastic phrases. It desires to be pointed out that Malaysia Airways has been quite late with hunting into replacing their plane with brand name new plane, due to the fact the airline has been restructuring for quite a few many years now and in buy not to generate an unneeded cost overhang it must assess its specifications with the best of treatment.

The original approach referred to as for 25 plane, fifteen to replace the A330 fleet and ten to aid expansion, possible enlargement in Malaysia-India routes. For the duration of the IATA once-a-year conference, the CEO of Malaysia Airways said, on the other hand, that it would like to double its passenger A330 fleet. The provider could entice A330s at an interesting lease level in the coming 1-two many years and if talks with Boeing and Airbus are caught it could even decide to prolong leases on their current A330 fleet.

This exhibits quite nicely why Malaysia Airways did not attain an arrangement with Airbus for the A330-900neo. The airline is aware that it can purchase next hand plane at lower costs or lease next hand plane at lower costs quite quickly and is aware what price that provides them and they want that very same price from Airbus with the A330-900neo and Airbus so considerably has been unwilling to lessen that acquisition value.

Malaysia Airways did signal a tentative arrangement for the purchase of 8 Boeing 787-9s and if we assessment Malaysia’s choices is unlikely to be a cost-economical substitution of the A330. While Malaysia has actively been hunting at the Boeing 787-nine as a A330 substitution, I believe there are other causes for signing the Memorandum of Knowledge with Boeing.

The first one particular, obviously is to force Airbus. With the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing there is no improved way to get things finished from corporation A by conversing to or purchasing from corporation B. Malaysia is employing the Dreamliner and next hand A330s readily available for lease as leverage to provide down the A330-900neo selling prices. At the very same time, I do not believe Malaysia Airways would like to run the Dreamliner as an A330 substitution.

Malaysia Airways operates six Airbus A380 plane, which will be reconfigured and set into company for Hajj pilgrimage and set in a to be founded daughter corporation of Malaysia Airways. This means that the Airbus A350-900 of which the airline presently has six on buy will be the largest plane in the Malaysia Airways fleet. These plane will be configured with 3 classes and 286 seats. Of course that 290 seat stage is favored by Malaysia. At the same time it also means that Malaysia Airways has very little to provide the thinner extended haul routes. This provides us to the next purpose for Malaysia Airways to buy the Boeing 787. The secondary routes do not justify the deployment of 286-seat Airbus A350, but could be served quite nicely with a Boeing 787-nine with about 250 seats. Also, the Boeing 787-nine could be made use of on routes wherever frequency is favored.


So, what this means is that the Boeing 787-nine in this case has not been requested to replace the Airbus A330, but it has been requested to tackle thin extended-haul routes for which the Airbus A350-900 may be as well significant. In the long term, the airline may need to have extra Dreamliners to provide these secondary routes or generate new routes.

At the very same time, it is essential to be aware that the A330-900neo buy is not off the desk as the CEO also famous on Twitter. Malaysia Airways has threatened to prolong its leases on the fifteen A330-three hundred plane it presently has in its fleet, but I am anticipating that this only to force Airbus and Airbus and Malaysia will ultimately attain an arrangement.

I earlier anticipated that there would be no buy from Malaysia Airways any time soon. On the other hand, immediately after thorough assessment I have appear to the conclusion that the Boeing 787 is no A330 substitution in the Malaysia Airways fleet, but will be made use of to provide secondary extended haul routes in tandem with the Airbus A350-900. That means that a substitution of the fifteen Airbus A330 jets has still to be requested. As I do not be expecting oil selling prices to stay at degrees wherever the use of the current engine solution A330s is favored above the use of the A330neo, the only plane that could efficiently replace the Airbus A330ceo for Malaysia Airways is the Airbus A330-900ne.

All with all, I be expecting that there stay significant prospects for Airbus to land an A330neo buy soon and for Boeing there could be abide by up orders in the long term. This post demonstrates quite nicely how Malaysia Airways is employing the current marketplace and the duopoly to purchase plane at selling prices that perform for them, as nicely the complexity and aspects that we typically do not see when we attain buy bulletins.

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