BI872 | KUL – BWN | 19th OCt 2013

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A “Betterfly” Experience on-board Royal Brunei’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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  1. Fantastic aircraft! I reckon the multi coloured mood lighting is just for a show off on this flight. The Dreamliner is a the perfect aircraft for a small airline like RB operating long haul services.

  2. mautu ioapo my experience on board royal bruneis b787 800 dreamliner thonk you youtube videos goodday by now mautu ioapo in my loaptop compter thonk you mautu ioapo 6.7.2014 

  3. interesting! thinking to have vacation to brunei but i looked up for the ticket price, it's so damn high for one way travelling with royal brunei. ok. now i start collecting my money. btw, the screen is smooth compared to MAS. it get stuck all the time. 

  4. Alhamdulillah i wish malaysia could implement more islamic character more. I think MAS shuld have this one..maybe replacing the 777..RBA really something from KLIA to Brunei using this big plane compared to normal 737..787 dreamliner really r somethin..

  5. I was able to experience ANA first 787 flight from Singapore to Narita. I think it is reasonable for MAS to use 787 for KL – Narita – LA sector.

  6. Best 787 video I have seen so far. I wonder when is Mas going to purchase a 787, I do believe they are leaning more toward Airbus then Boeing.

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