1. why ppl say that the old shades were better i really dont know…
    i was really angry when i was flying and i had the sun from my side blinding me, but i also like to look outside. so i either go blind from sun to enjoy the view, or i close the shade and i dont see anything…
    this system allows me to look outside even with the sun directly across me…smart

  2. Those are going to be a maintenance nightmare when they malfunction and probably very expensive to replace if need be. However it is still very coo.

  3. how they do to companies that handle corporate colors red or green, because many companies handle different colors blue, Avianca for example???

  4. "excuse me hostess I'm affraid of flying can't I just have my fucking window slide closed" "sorry you can still see a little but but look it's blue!! It's so necessary for the airline industry and isnt at ALL a waste of your fare"

  5. I'm not quite sure passengers will know how to turn the window shade to dark. I mean come on, they can't even open the lav doors, how the hell will they be able to dim a window??

  6. This technology has opened the door to what we call, electrochromic sunglasses or E-Sunlasses or ESG for short. Meaning that if you use glasses you can quickly transform it into sunglasses with the touch of a tiny button.

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