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HD inflight experience, featuring all stages of the flight from check in to arrival!

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Route: London Heathrow – Newark
Flight number: BA189
Seat number: 1K
Cabin: First
Flight date: August 2016
Filmed on: iPhone 6S Plus

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  1. I did a short haul flight on (London Gatwick to Malaga) on what I believe was a Boeing 738. They (BA) literally cordoned off the front of the plane with a curtain in the aisle, made the trio of seats into a double by sticking a drinks tray in the middle seat and stuck some fancy white things on the head rest. And there you go, first class! I guess it goes to show the difference between bigger planes/longer journies and smaller planes/shorter journies.

  2. I was foolish to have forked out a lot of dough to fly BA first class on the 787-9 London to Kuala Lumpur last year. A really crap airline. Cabin crew that could not be bothered. Including being brushed off with " we don't do fast track here" when I asked on arrival in Kuala Lumpur. On the return flight I called to order breakfast and nobody came. I am not a snob I just think I should get what I pay for. I fly Ryanair often for short haul flights and I find their cabin crew far better than BA'S first class cabin crew. Alex Cruz certainly knows how to deliver a low cost service in BA'S first class cabin

  3. BA's management has downgraded their f'class and b'class service. It's noticeable. Their frequent flyers are complaining. How low will it be before BA looses its customers to rival carriers.

  4. Dear all, I would regret myself if am I going to disappoint you but this Cabin it is not First of BA this is a Club World, BA Business Class. Boeing 787 for BA has not First Cabin. Thanks, Georges

  5. Interesting video. Being a very patriotic Brit, I used to be fiercely loyal to BA and would defend them to the hilt. I would never have dreamed of using any other airline up until about five years ago. I am a regular flyer, always First Class between UK and the Far East. Mainly Singapore and Hong Kong.The decline in quality and service was just something that I could not tolerate anymore. I started to feel like a bit of an idiot trying to defend them! I now use Cathay, Singapore and Emirates. It is a great shame – BA used to be synonymous with prestige and luxury, but it is unrecognizable now. If I had watched this video without knowing that it was a First Class lounge/cabin, I would have guessed that it was Business Class.

  6. I took BA's first flight to Abu Dhabi in Sept '16, and it was terrible on the return. Shit service from the disgruntled staff, and beyond shit food. Never again.

  7. It always disgusts me when people say how horrible quality the food is in really fancy places, people every minute die of starvation, do you know how painful that is!?!?!?!?!? Of course you don't, your head is too far up your backside

  8. Really poor looking food.So much worse than all the other major airline foods published by other airline reviewers on youtube. Hardly surprising for a British airline though.

  9. To be honest, I am disappointed with how the "FIRST CLASS" looks at BA. I skipped a lot of this video to see what's going on at the end because this video is rather dry and not very entertaining.

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